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Strange Clouds describes itself as a “melanated fantasy joint   “In the beginning, I was afraid to share my characters real and sometimes abrasive dialogues and complexities to the world.”    One of the first statements from the author, Cheketa Tinsley, helps set the stage for what became to me as a reader, a new kind of fiction. Strange Clouds describes itself as a “melanated fantasy joint,” a novel with at-risk character protagonists in a fantasy novel. As a reader of color, I must preface this review with how powerful and important it is to tell the stories of those that, in fiction and reality, are brushed to the side and forgotten especially in a genre with little to no representation. And as the novel progresses, it’s so easy to see why the natural voices of the main characters are indeed relevant and engaging.  Brief rundown: Raysean and Keenan are cousins who have stayed silent about their powerful capacities the greater part of their lives. At the point when another schoolmate is abruptly abducted, the cousins are rapidly tossed into a waiting diversion that exposes others with comparative capacities, alongside “suit-wearing creatures” attempting to saddle similar forces.   It’s not a long read, which implies Strange Clouds hops very quickly into action. As Raysean and Keenan push into the world they don’t comprehend; the reader is in the interest of personal entertainment. They’re straight-up and matter-of-certainty, which is a much-needed refresher. Nothing sounds good to them, they know it, and they’re not hesitant to state it. The novel takes the possibility of merely tolerating an unexpected and nonsensical situation basic to dream and flips it on its head with a healthy dose of reality: how would you respond when life as you as you know it isn’t what it appears?  Read More at

Ashley Spruill
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This book was enthralling, making it a quick read. Books need to capture my attention or it takes me forever to finish. Not a problem with this work!

adlee93 Consumer Amazon

This book is Universal, Multidimensional, and as far as my own views or opinions I really don't see any other book out there that touches on so many levels that others in novels, movies, anime, etc, fail to show and prove! I cant really spoil the surprise, so you would just have to buy this book, sit back, relax, and make sure your not distracted so turn off your phone and dive into the action. Hopefully this book will open any mind boxed in, which It has for me, and clear all foggy clouds so your third eye can see. looking for love, its in there, looking for action its in here, looking for hatred there are hero's fighting against it. Want to get lost in someone else's world, go deeper into these characters minds, and see why they are the future generations in fighting true crime. I got lost in this book where it does not discriminate it shoots right to the point, I'm still high and ready for the next series so read this book, and get ready for a head rush but make sure you have patience to get a grip on the next joint! May the universe supply you with unlimited ideas, protection, creativity, abundance, Unity, just as this book represents itself to the world may the universe bring forth all that you need to succeed!

Carlos Consumer Amazon

I consider myself an avid reader mostly of nonfiction, due to the challenge of finding good fictional stories. I have a very hectic schedule but once I picked up my copy of Strange Clouds I could not put it down. I completed the book in less than 24 hours, disappointed only by not having a sequel to read. I feel there are not enough fictional stories depicting black characters in roles outside of shoot’em up gangster flicks and erotic fantasy. I commend the author for her realness which makes this work authentic. My only critique is the sequel is taking too long to publish.

Shawn G.
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Strange Clouds has revealed another talent expressed by one who has flown with her gifts under the radar. I already knew Cheketa as a brilliant businesswoman and survivor of a life filled with serious hard knocks along the way. Her personal story would have made a less persistent and confident person succumb to paralyzing depression. In ‘Strange Clouds’ she rises again! Through her characters, Cheketa, channels important lessons for an intergenerational wake-up call.”

Bani Hines-Hudson
Bani Hines-Hudson Community Leader

I honestly have never read a sci-fi book and automatically was able to see my teenage self in the story. I personally identified with the characters as if I had grown old with them and never knew their personal history up until reading this book. For any teenager, this is a perfect getaway from what we normally give them.. phones, games and tv. This books explores the journey of young black children in the hood who have extreme Godly gifts. I think it's healthy, educational, inspiring and an out of the box approach to entertaining... nothing about this book comes from the regular programing we are used to. I could add so much more but I'd rather you enjoy it all for yourself., Peace.....

Kristian L. Robinson
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Never has one book been enjoyed by my entire family! There's always been a lack of Melanated people being positively and powerfully portrayed in works of fiction. Enter Strange Clouds. The characters are multi-layered, flawed, human, and dynamic. The writer spins a tale-part fantasy-part social revolution that will keep you swiftly turning the pages. I highly recommend it and can't wait for the sequel!

Shantel Ndiaye
Shantel Ndiaye Consumer Amazon

Absolutely FABULOUS read. This book is the perfect mesh of reality and fantasy. The characters have their own personalities and are relatable in such a way that you'd have to remind yourself that they aren't real. I've personally found myself laughing out loud or having to quickly put the book down to handle emotions felt from reading. Love love LOVE this book!!

Ebony Consumer Amazon

OMG!!! This book was amazing! I love the idea of young black superheroes! This book touches on many social and environmental issues. A MUST read!

Anonymous Consumer Amazon

Strange Clouds, a Melanated Fantasy Joint is a Dope Ass Black Sci-Fi Read Strange Clouds, a Melanated Fantasy Joint is a dope ass black sci-fi read by author Cheketa Tinsley. This story pulled me in from the very first page. Raysean and Keenan are cousins with supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, mind reading, and impeccable abilities to draw or recite anything after one view. Lotus, my favorite person in the story, is a powerful goddess almost feeling everything that other’s feel and yet being able to close herself off in a bubble. Neither Raysean or Keenan can figure out what it is about Lotus that draws them to her until she is kidnapped! Read More at

Pardon My Audacity
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If you’re a fan of fantasy novels, pick this up. Even I, a mystery fanatic found myself gravitated towards this book lol.

Messiah Harris
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