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MOON MAGIC, the Holy Grail

MOON MAGIC THE HOLY GRAIL April 19, 2016 Moon Day: 12 Moon in Sign: Libra Element: Air Symbolism: Heart, The Holy Grail Today is a day of Divine Cosmic Love. It exudes compassion and intuition. It is a day where spirituality trumps our thoughts and emotions. On this day, prayers can be heard and fulfilled….

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Moon Magic, Fire Breathing Dragon

MOON MAGIC April 18, 2016 Moon Day:  11 Moon in Sign:  Virgo Element:  Earth Symbolism:  Sword of Fire, Fire-breathing Dragon or Serpent HIDE YOUR KIDS…HIDE YOUR WIFE??? No, today is not the day that fire-breathing dragons will swoop down from the sky and consume all in their paths.  It is a day that marks the…

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Who’s that Girl? (lalalalalalalalalalalala)

SERAPHIMA Who’s that angel girl?  This is a question that some have asked during and after the release of Strange Clouds, A Melanated Fantasy Joint, Book I on April 7th.  We were supposed to have a brief intermission after reading the first chapter to discuss the live image that “The Illest Strator” Kevlen Goodner was drawing throughout…

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