MOON MAGIC, the Holy Grail


April 19, 2016

Moon Day: 12

Moon in Sign: Libra

Element: Air

Symbolism: Heart, The Holy Grail

Today is a day of Divine Cosmic Love. It exudes compassion and intuition. It is a day where spirituality trumps our thoughts and emotions. On this day, prayers can be heard and fulfilled.

Empathy, sharing, and making gifts (especially if somebody is asking) are highly recommended. When you give on this day, your return will be so great that your cup will runneth over. Solitude, praying, the chanting of mantras, and meditation are needed. This is also a good day for cleansing and healing the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

I wouldn’t sleep on the opportunity to ride on the coattails of this day’s energy. It is truly a blessing. Avoid any stress on the heart muscle and negative energy at all costs. Also, avoid physical strain and heavy food. Natural juices, herbal teas, and organic soups are recommended.

Donating and giving (especially if someone is asking) are suggested.

I WOULD NOT get a haircut on this day or else it will attract misfortune. Injuries and the likelihood of threat to your life increases significantly.

Coloring your hair with natural/organic dyes will attract social success into your life. Create your own fly/dope hairstyle today. It will help to resolve the issues in your personal life.


Conflict is less possible and we easily empathize and relate to others.  People tend to be polite and diplomatic, doing their best to avoid arguments.

It’s a good time for meetings, negotiations, making peace, improving relationships, and finding solutions to common problems.

The hips, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas are especially sensitive during this time.   Avoid exposure to cold, sitting on the ground, and rocks.

In summary, this day should be dedicated to rest or spent in the presence of peaceful people that are equally yoked in spirit.  Beautiful scenery or quiet music may help you to relax.  Modest makeup and wearing pastel colors with an emphasized waist will help to maintain emotional balance.