What is A Melanated Fantasy Joint?

“A Melanated Fantasy Joint is a fantasy book, fantasy series, audiobook, Ear Movie, comic book, anthology, and/or collection of books, wherein which, the author and most of its characters are of a melanated race, culture, or creed and invoke certain feelings, thoughts, or memories pertaining to environments, time periods, or experiences predominantly considered to be of or associated with a subculture, hip-hop, ghetto, or retro nature.”

Why A Melanated Fantasy Joint was created?

A Melanated Fantasy Joint is a book genre created while author, Cheketa Tinsley, was writing her first book, Strange Clouds, A Melanated Fantasy Joint, Book I.  An idea of how and why AMFL was created can be formed from the preface where Tinsley begins with, “I’m so proud to say that Strange Clouds is my baby, but I haven’t always felt that way.  In the beginning, I was afraid to share my main characters, their real and sometimes abrasive dialogues, and complexities to the world.”  She went on to describe a dry spell where her characters refused to speak to her when she attempted to censor them.  “I could feel their rebellion, refusing to allow me to channel them again until I grew “a pair”……. READ MORE

Strange Reviews


There are such great action and attention to characters in Strange Clouds. It’ll be exciting to see what happens to the characters next. And I’d also like to thank Tinsley for sharing a copy of her novel with me! It’s been an excellent opportunity to explore her writing, the world, and characters.

Ashley Spruill
Ashley Spruill Blogger Black Girl Nerds

This book was enthralling, making it a quick read. Books need to capture my attention or it takes me forever to finish. Not a problem with this work!

adlee93 Consumer Amazon

This book is Universal, Multidimensional, and as far as my own views or opinions I really don't see any other book out there that touches on so many levels that others in novels, movies, anime, etc, fail to show and prove! I cant really spoil the surprise, so you would just have to buy this book, sit back, relax, and make sure your not distracted so turn off your phone and dive into the action. Hopefully this book will open any mind boxed in, which It has for me, and clear all foggy clouds so your third eye can see. looking for love, its in there, looking for action its in here, looking for hatred there are hero's fighting against it. Want to get lost in someone else's world, go deeper into these characters minds, and see why they are the future generations in fighting true crime. I got lost in this book where it does not discriminate it shoots right to the point, I'm still high and ready for the next series so read this book, and get ready for a head rush but make sure you have patience to get a grip on the next joint! May the universe supply you with unlimited ideas, protection, creativity, abundance, Unity, just as this book represents itself to the world may the universe bring forth all that you need to succeed!

Carlos Consumer Amazon

I consider myself an avid reader mostly of nonfiction, due to the challenge of finding good fictional stories. I have a very hectic schedule but once I picked up my copy of Strange Clouds I could not put it down. I completed the book in less than 24 hours, disappointed only by not having a sequel to read. I feel there are not enough fictional stories depicting black characters in roles outside of shoot’em up gangster flicks and erotic fantasy. I commend the author for her realness which makes this work authentic. My only critique is the sequel is taking too long to publish.

Shawn G.
Shawn G. Consumer Amaon

Shapeshifting, gods, goddesses, and the company consume each page and then it’s done. Just like that, all the magic goes off in your mind because you realize that there is no more until book two. I will say the ending was very abrupt. I didn’t even know it was over until there were no more pages at the end.

Pardon My Audacity
Pardon My Audacity Blogger Pardon My Audacity